A report on the economy has been released. 23. September 2020 um 3:00 Uhr nachts. Kathy Lueders had just achieved a tremendous feat of launching two people into orbit in a private spacecraft after almost a decade in the works, when the supervisor of NASA got in touch with her this summer. They told her about the unanticipated openings in the human spaceflight unit, and offered her the position of directing the section. Lueders, a well-regarded supervisor at NASA, was the head of an individual project to send astronauts in a commercial vehicle to the International Space Station (ISS) to end the nine-year gap in manned space travel from the United States. She was presented with the prospect of taking control of the most important section of NASA, with the public’s renewed enthusiasm for space exploration and the idea of a journey back to the moon rising. But she didn’t immediately accept. The biggest aspiration of Lueders’ professional life was to become a pilot. Lastly, she was put in a spot where she could do it. She asked for some extra time to weigh up her choices. After she ended the call, Jeremy Horne, her husband, was astonished. Shocked, he exclaimed “What do you think you are doing?” This has nothing to do with you.




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